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 Commonly questioned rulings:

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PostSubject: Commonly questioned rulings:   Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:41 pm

Does MST negate? No.
Can Zenmaines detach against Bottomless Trap Hole as BTH banishes? Yes, BTH needs to destroy it to banish it, Zenmaines avoids destruction.

Is select and target the same? At activation, yes. E.G. Self Mummification. At resolution no. E.G. Heliopolis.

Can Thunder King Rai-oh negate the summon of a HERO Fusion? No, TKRO and other effects which negate the summon can only negate inherant summons, to negate the summon of something like a HERO fusion, you would need to negate the card which summons them.

If a FLIP effect monster is destroyed by a card effect, it's effect does not activate as it destroys it simultaneously without flipping whereas with battle it needs to be flipped to compare the ATK/DEF points during the damage calculation so the effect does activate via battle. This also applies for Crystal Beasts and the ability to use their effects to go to the S/T zone.

Is Sending and Destroy the same thing? No. if you read card effects, especially the ones when destroyed by battle it specifies ''destroyed (condition) AND sent to the Grveyard'' Cards ARE sent after being destroyed but sending doesn't all ways destroy. Also sending from the hand and Discarding are different. (Some cards gain effects when discarded)

Continuing the previous ones, Dark World do NOT get their effect when discarded for a card effect. E.G. Lightning Vortex. If you want to discard something for costs, use Fabled!

Anymore you want me to add? PM me on here or on DN: ! ! FairyGirl <3 ! !
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Commonly questioned rulings:

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